Getting Started

Tips on Getting Started in the Shopzilla Publisher Program

You've just been accepted into the Shopzilla Publisher Program. Now what? 

1. Enter your payment information

You won't be paid until you do! Please enter your payment information under the My Account tab so that you'll be paid when your balance reaches the minimum payout of $25.00 (USD). If your address changes at any time, please update your account accordingly so we know where to send your next payment.

2. Get content

There are some simple self serve banners/panels that you can create here:  Bizrate Product Search Widget and here: Beso Assets. Be sure to include your account ID so that traffic will be credited to your account! Also, when logged in to the Shopzilla Publisher portal, at the top of the site, you will see the Content tab.

3. Beso Affiliate program

If you post about women's or men's fashion, home, baby and kids, beauty, and/or jewelry, the Beso Assets may better complement your website. Your Shopzilla account ID works for the Beso Affiliate Program, too. No additional registration is needed and your activity will be reported in the Shopzilla publisher portal. For a general breakdown and help on how to fully utilize the Beso Affiliate Program, please refer to this blog post.

4. Integrate Shopzilla Publisher text links into your posts

If you have written about certain products in the past and linked directly to the retailer, change it to a Shopzilla Publisher link to earn revenue! If your product is related to fashion, home, baby and kids, beauty, and/or jewelry, refer to the Beso Affiliate Program mentioned in #3 above. Visit this post to learn how to create a Beso text link.

5. Create content-rich posts around featured offers

If you don't have posts mentioning specific products for Shopzilla link integration, you can start by searching for your desired product at Bizrate or Beso and converting the link into an affiliate link mentioned above in #4. To ensure high traffic quality, these posts should be rich in content and quality accompanied by the associated text links.

6. API & Data Feeds

For our more robust implementation options, our API or FTP Data Feeds may be a better option for you (if you're not sure what that means, they're probably not for you). Please apply for access to either application under the Contents tab. Please review our Terms and Conditions before applying for access. For more information on our API and feed, please feel free to browse these previous posts.

7. Placement IDs for additional tracking and insight

As an affiliate publisher, you may be interested in tracking your performance more granularly -- for example for a specific page on your site, marketing campaign or for additional websites. Once you have an approved Shopzilla Publisher Account, you can publish Shopzilla links on any site you operate, as long as our team gets a chance to look over the website and approves it for use. There is no need to register new accounts for separate websites under the same ownership. You can use the Placement ID tool for track multiple websites (or sections, campaigns, etc.). For more information related to Placement IDs, please visit our blog post on Placement ID usage. Please contact us if you would like to add additional sites to your account or if you have any additional questions.

Adding Additional Websites to Your Account

As an affiliate publisher, you may be operating several websites at once. Once you have an approved Shopzilla Publisher Account, you can publish Shopzilla links on any site you operate, as long as our team gets a chance to look over the website and approves it for use. There is no need to register new accounts for separate websites.

We suggest that you use the Placement ID tool for multiple website publishing so you can keep links from each website separate on your earnings report. For more information related to Placement IDs, please visit our blog post on Placement ID usage.

Please contact us if you would like to add additional sites to your account or if you have any additional questions.

How to Fully Utilize the Beso Affiliate Program

Now that we have introduced you to our new Beso Affiliate Program, what is the best way you can maximize your revenue with quality traffic?

There are two ways to integrate Beso content on your site: text links and widgets.

Text Links

This application is great for our Beso Offer Detail Pages like this one below:

It is best when used for casual linking -- when you are unsure if customers will purchase the product upon clicking on the link. To create a correct Beso text link for an offer detail page, please follow these instructions.

Another great way to use this application besides for Beso offer detail pages is for Beso search results. If you are unable to find a product, for example, J Brand Skinny Jeans in Phoebe Wash, use the Beso search link at the top of your browser instead of an offer detail page. Search links produce more redirects which produce more revenue for Publishers. Instead of linking to one product, you are linking to hundreds giving your visitors more options to click on.

This application allows you to create very specific links to products. We encourage our Publishers to use these links in a limited and appropriate setting:  they are best for product placements in which the pictures, prices, and relevant information of the featured items are revealed.

You can create these types of links by searching for the item, clicking on the product you want to link to, and choosing "text link" as the display instead of "image." Be sure to include your Publisher ID! At the bottom of the page, the code in the text box will be ready for you to use.


Create your own dynamic assets through our search widgets. Their dynamic aspect creates new product content in the widgets when available. Place them on the sidebars of your website or place them in your posts when referring to certain products to catch visitors' attention.

If you need some suggestions, here are a few keywords you can use:

jordan shoes
dressing table
style happy bedding
jeffrey campbell lita
juicy couture charms crayon
gold shark tooth necklace victorias secret
palm key patio furniture
polo shoes
lisa rachel hair products


And as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I Want Beso Content on My Site

Beso, a member of the Shopzilla, Inc. family of properties, is a lifestyle website providing users the ability to shop all of their favorite stores and brands, all in one place. You are now easily able to extend this experience to your users through the Shopzilla Publisher Program

So, you want Beso content on your site...excellent choice! But how?

Getting Started
First, if you do not already have a Shopzilla Publisher Program account, register here. Be sure to mention you are interested in integrating Beso content.

Once you have activated your account, there are a few options available- some may suit your needs or technical skill more so than others. Here's a quick overview to help you find your match:

You Stylish blogger, perhaps not-so-technical product review aficionado. Seeking a little sparkle to complement content and add to shoe fund. Complicated integrations need not apply.

Beso Let's keep it simple and go live today.

Send us a link to your first integration of any of the above, and we'll award a $10 bonus to your account.

You Technically savvy, more is never enough. Seeking long-term commitment with comprehensive content integration. No time for quiet walks on the beach, loves traffic.

Beso Create a full-blown shopping experience to satisfy your needs.

  • Catalog API: The Catalog API provides advanced Publishers with intuitive access to Beso content via a query-based web service producing an XML response.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need help finding the best match for your content and technical skill.

Text Links: When to use HTML Over the URL

Hey Publishers,

If you have ever created a Custom Text Link to a department, search results, a specific product, or to any page on, you may have noticed that both a URL and an HTML code are returned.  Ever wonder what the difference is?

First let's start with a general review of creating a Custom Text Link.

  • Under 'Custom Text Links' choose the type of text link you'd like to create.  For this example, we'll choose 'Link to Any Page.' 
  • Now we need the URL of the Bizrate page we want to link to.  Go to in a separate tab or window and search for the product or products you want to be included in the page.  For this example, I'm going to search for 'vans shoes' to bring up a page of vans shoes offers.  
  • On my website, I want the text link to read 'Compare Prices on Vans Shoes' so I'll include that in the Link Text field.  I'll also select the Placement ID 4. Cool Shoe. (Check out our post on Placement IDs)
  • After you click 'Get HTML', you'll have two results.  An HTML code and a URL.

Custom Text Links-Link to Any Page

Custom Text Links - HTML and URL

The HTML and URL both redirect to the desired Bizrate page and include the tracking information necessary for us to track the traffic generated from your website and credit earnings to your account. They also differ:

HTML: The HTML code is fairly simple to implement onto your website.  When editing in HTML (not rich text) just copy and paste the full code where you would like to implement it.  For this example, using the above HTML code the text link will appear as Compare Prices on Vans Shoes to your users.  The HTML also tracks impressions, which are included in your reporting.  You also may have noticed that we include comments in our HTML code.  For those of you who are HTML beginners, comments are nested within <!-- and --> and they won't display on your live website.  They are only visible in the HTML source and make it easier for you to understand the code in question.

URL:  The URL is great to use if you don't want to edit the HTML, however it's important to make note that the URL alone will not be able to track impressions, whereas the HTML code will.

Creating the Perfect Dynamic Asset for Your Website

Hey Publishers,

Have you experienced trouble building Bizrate dynamic assets?  Have you searched for a specific item, but the results weren't what you had in mind?  If this has happened to you, or, if you want to prevent it from happening in the future, listen up!  There is a simple way for you to search and display the results you want.

Top Search Results

When you are experiencing difficulties building dynamic assets, the keywords you enter into the search box for either Top Search Results or Product Pods might not be specific enough and therefore display top searched products that are not necessarily what you had in mind.  The solution is relatively simple- tweak the keyword or keywords you are using.  You can change the amount of detail, ie brand name, color, product type or use our category refinement feature.  Once you find the content you want, choose your dynamic asset and make it perfect by using our Color Picker Tool.  You can customize the asset's appearance in just about every way you could imagine.

So, you've created the asset you wanted and it complements your website's design perfectly.  You're seeing great results, but later while your viewing your site you notice your assets that were once displaying books are now displaying miscellaneous products - what should you do?!

  1. Wait a half hour to see if the problem resolves itself.  We could be performing routine maintenance or experiencing brief program errors.
  2. Check our Announcements for alerts.  You'll find updated information on taxonomy and any program errors.
  3. Try creating a new asset.  Perhaps your dynamic asset code was altered the last time you updated your site.  The product categorization could have changed and therefore your asset would be out of date.  Also, the product your asset was built around could no longer be offered by our merchants.

***Please keep in mind that our Product Pods are only available for "compacted" products which have multiple offers aligned to that specific product.  For example, products like iPods and digital cameras are compacted where as our "soft" goods such as apparel and home & garden supplies are non-compacted.  If you do not happen to find a Product Pod of your liking, check back periodically, as we are always adding to our compacted product offerings.

If you have any questions about building dynamic assets or general questions about your account, please feel free to contact us.

Integrated Dynamic Assets With Your Website's Content

Hey Publishers,

For those of you who are regular readers, you might remember our Publisher Spotlight on Tim Flight and back in June of 2008.  He gave great advice on content integration and a great pointer for our WordPress users. It is that good that we wanted to take the opportunity to share it with you again!

How well does the Shopzilla Publisher Program content you select fit with the context of the page?  Is your audience reading about Nike running shoes, but your assets display Adidas and New Balance sneakers? We get a lot of questions about how to generate more quality clicks and one of the answers is integration. Our Shopzilla Publisher Program offers a wide set of product offerings from thousands of different merchants, so take advantage of it by displaying Bizrate dynamic assets that suit the content of the page!

Tim also gave a very detailed tip for our WordPress users interested in using Bizrate dynamic assets. While we cannot be held liable for any code you may accidentally break (read our FAQ), Tim's advice has brought GPSReview much success:

Create the Dynamic Asset using just the letter "a" in the "Search For" field as the keyword. Pick the banner size, set your colors, etc, and then get the HTML code. Look in the HTML code for the following:


Replace that with this:

/keyword-<?php echo(urlencode(strtolower(single_post_title(",FALSE)))); ?>/

That code should take the title of the WordPress post and use it as the keyword for the ad unit.

Keep in mind, this will be optimal only for those publishers using the product name as the blog post title. Hopefully, this will help you save time by making our dynamic assets... well... more dynamic! As always, please contact us with any questions or comments.

Stay Connected With The Shopzilla Publisher Program

Hey Publishers,

Are you tired of you hearing Shopzilla Publisher Program news through the grapevine?  Do you want to be the first to know about new categories and content that becomes available without constantly hitting the F5 key to refresh our blog?  If so, take this as a friendly reminder that you can stay up to date on all of our updates by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

Twitter Twitter:  You can follow us at @szpublisher.  We'll keep you up to date on everything from industry news to the most recent posts on our blog.  We also occasionally give 'Follow Friday' shout outs to our Publishers.  For those of you on Twitter, send us a message, introduce yourself and we'll keep you informed!  If you're not a part of Twitter, sign up here!


Facebook:  Become a fan of Shopzilla Publisher Program on Facebook.  Keep up with Shopzilla Publisher Program and industry news and meet other Shopzilla Publishers and fans of our program.  Next time you log on to Facebook, become a fan and give us a shout on our wall, we'd love to hear from you!  And for those of you not on Facebook, join here!

We're really looking forward to keeping in touch with our Publishers through social network channels!  If you have any questions or want to see us on an additional social network site, contact us!

Make Your Dynamic Assets Dynamite With Our Color Picker Tool

Why use our content as an everyday web ad when you can truly make it an asset?!  Our color picker tool allows you to customize your Bizrate dynamic assets to complement your website's design, helping you to better attract your audience and improve traffic quality.

When you log on to your Shopzilla Publisher Program account go to: Get Content > Dynamic Assets > find the asset you're looking for > Get HTML.  Select the part of the asset you would like to change, then choose the color and other options depending on the part of the asset. 

Border: The border Color Picker Tool(outline) of the full asset.

Image Border: The border (outline) around each individual image/product inside the asset.

Background: The background color of the full asset.

Link: The links of the images/products shown inside the asset.

A-Link: The color the link turns when it is clicked.

V:Link: The color the link turns once it has been clicked.

H-Link:  The color the link turns when it is scrolled over by a mouse cursor.

Text: The text (non-links) inside the asset.

New Window (_blank): This link target will open the new page in a separate browser window.

Same Frame (_self): This link target will open the new page in the same page it was clicked on.

Parent Frame (_parent)*: This link target will load the new page in the immediate parent of the frame. 

Main Window (_top)*: This link target is similar to the Parent Frame, but will load the new page in the full body of the window.

Randomize: Definitely take advantage of this feature!  The products shown will randomly change every time the dynamic asset is loaded, giving your audience a different experience each time they visit your website.  If you are displaying a dynamic asset containing products from category 'MP3 & Media Players', rather than showing the same three iPods, your asset will cycle between various Bizrate product offerings in that specific category.


Another feature worth noting is that color preferences will be saved in your user cookie.  If you're building multiple dynamic assets, your color preferences will be automatically applied, you'll never have to worry about our dynamic assets clashing with your website design again!

Once you finish touching up your asset, click Get HTML and then scroll to the bottom of the page to get the new code.  Don't forget to update your dynamic assets periodically to take advantage of our new categories and product offerings, keep your shopping content relevant to your audience. 

Good luck and as always, contact us if you have any questions or comments about the Shopzilla Publisher Program!

Show Us Your Payment Info and We'll Show You The Money!

Lately we've been running into a few issues with some of our hard working publishers - we want to pay you, but we don't have sufficient payment info!  If this sounds familiar, or you just want to double check that your payment info is correct, please see below:








Shopzilla US Publisher Program Accounts (US Resident):
Payment is made via check for all publishers participating within the Shopzilla US Publisher Program and who reside within the US.

1. When you log on to your account click on the My Account tab.
2. Click on the green Add Payment Info button. 
3. Select 'U.S. Resident', and submit.
4. Complete the payment form, then read and type your full legal name to acknowledge that you have read the Certification Statement...then submit!

Shopzilla US Publisher Program Accounts (non-US Resident, non-US tax payer):
Payment is made via PayPal for all publishers participating within the Shopzilla US Publisher Program who reside outside of the US. 

1. When you log on to your account click on the My Account tab.
2. Click on the green Add Payment Info button.
3. Select 'Non U.S. Resident', and submit.
4. Select your proper tax designation to define whether or not you are a U.S. tax payer.
5a. If you ARE a U.S. tax payer, please contact us so that we are able to help you set-up your payment information correctly.
5b. If you ARE NOT a U.S. tax payer, you will be taken to a page where you will enter your PayPal account name* and type your full legal name to verify that all your information is correct...then submit! 

* If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to set one up.

A Reminder To All Publishers
Our Shopzilla US Publisher Program minimum payout is $25.00 (USD); your monthly earnings will accumulate until you hit this level.  All earnings are subject to adjustment per our terms and conditions.

As always, please contact us with any questions or comments.

How the Shopzilla Publisher Program Works

The Shopzilla Publisher Program is a CPC affliate marketing program connecting Shopzilla, Inc.’s world-class “where to buy” shopping solution to website publishers interested in monetizing their websites by integrating shopping content. Publishers monetize websites by driving quality traffic through Shopzilla, Inc. properties, including Bizrate®, Beso, and TaDa. With access to Shopzilla’s rich inventory of shopping and merchant ratings & reviews content from over 5,000 merchants, publishers are able to create a unique shopping experience relevant to their website.

How do publishers make money?
In order to help publishers understand how the Shopzilla Publisher Program works, we have illustrated the steps involved in generating earnings.

Shopzilla Publisher Program Registration1.    You place Shopzilla Publisher Program content, like a Beso Widget, on your website. A visitor comes to your website and sees something they would like to buy, or for which they would like to compare prices.

2.    The visitor clicks on the Shopzilla Publisher Program content. This will take them either directly to a Shopzilla, Inc. merchant's website, or to a Shopzilla, Inc. website where they continue to browse.

3.    If your visitor lands on a Shopzilla, Inc. website, they will decide which product suits them best before clicking through to a Shopzilla, Inc. merchant's website. The action of a visitor clicking onto a merchant's website is what we refer to as a "merchant lead", or a "redirect".

 4.    Each time one of your visitors lands on a Shopzilla, Inc. merchant's website, the merchant pays Shopzilla, Inc.

5.    Shopzilla, Inc. will only charge merchants for valid, CPC-monetized leads sent from your website. The amount we are able to collect from the merchant is then shared with you, the publisher. Your redirects and earnings will be reported in the Publisher Portal, which you will have access to once you are accepted into the Shopzilla Publisher Program.*

Should you have any questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section, or, post a comment since another publisher may be wondering something similar. The Shopzilla Publisher Team will be sure to reply.


* All publisher earnings are subject to validation and adjustments.  Publisher Portal reported earnings should only be considered as an estimate.  Publishers should consult the Shopzilla, Inc. Publisher Program Terms & Conditions for more information.