Important Message about the Feeds and API URLs

Happy Friday!

We have a number of announcements to make about changes to our APIs and Data Feeds that we want to share, and provide information that you will need to make any necessary adjustments needed on your side.


For Data Feed Consumers -

We have recently started publishing faster, fresher data feeds that will reduce latency in delivering merchant offers to market. Some key highlights include:

  • Generated 3-4 times a day for faster consumption on the publishers’ end. Over time, this number will increase to 5-6.
  • Formatted in JSON instead of XML to further speed consumption
  • 3-5MM+ Additional offers that were not available in the feeds due to the increased processing bandwidth (note that these offers were previously available in the API).
  • New file structure to provide more flexibility: Root à Folder per merchant (MID) à Data files by category (atom)
  • A subsequent release will contain some additional attribute data not included in this version of the feeds

We will continue to support the current XML feeds for later this summer, at which point we will deprecate these feeds to focus on improved processing times of our new feeds. If you are using the current feeds, make sure to work with our team to start the migration process.

If you would like access to these new data feeds, or the full documentation, please contact us.


For API Consumers -

The key change regards our redirect URL, which has been translated in both the feeds and the API into a “shortened URL” that will allow us to generate the content much more quickly and efficiently.

For publishers that may have previously extracted the merchant destination URL from the redirect URL, we are moving this into a separate field named <rawURL>. This can be used for matching purposes, etc, but keep in mind that this URL can not be monetized – only our shortened URL will be monetized. Note that this URL structure will be the same in the new feeds.

To enable time for publishers to make any necessary adjustments, we will release this new URL structure to the API on June 9th.

Please keep an eye out for more product announcements coming soon!


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