Adjustments Now Reflected under Earnings Report

More improvents to the Publisher Portal! Now when there have been positive or negative earnings adjustments made to your account, they will be reflected below your earnings report table. Hopefully, you will see more positive than negative!



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Account suspended without a reason, and not response from any one for about a week now.

No payment of mone earned either.

Currently, TaDa accounts are not linked to Publisher accounts. As for your Beso account, what email did you register with for Beso?

can somebody Please tell me where do I find the TaDa in my account

our BESO

@RP The adjustments will be only be visible when there have been changes made to your account. If there have been no positive or negative adjustments, they will not be reflected in your earnings summary.

I am not seeing the adjustment rows on the earnings report. Has this been rolled out to all affiliates? Thanks.

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