Filter Beso results to only monetized offers!

Beso Fans and Publishers - 

We are excited to launch a small but very significant improvement to the Beso Affiliate Portal, where you can now filter your widget and link results to ONLY offers monetized in the Beso marketplace. We've always provided publishers the comprehensiveness of our product inventory, which gives your readers and visitors a more complete user experience. But now you have easy, one-click access to limiting those results to only what our merchants are currently paying for.

It's simple. 

Next time you're linking to an individual product or a multi-product widget, simply click the "show only monetized offers" check box if you'd like to limit the result set to offers with a CPC bid attached. 

Monetized offers

We hope this will make it even easier to populate your sites with great product offers available on Beso!

-- The Publisher Team


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@Property Management Riverside Ca
Great question! We have many products and offers available that from merchants that are not monetized that would give the customer a more wide and diverse shopping experience than if it were to just be for monetized offers.

What a great feature. The only question I have is why would you not want to use monetized offers?

Here is a good easy to use fully custmizable shopzilla affiliate complete web site. Easy to install and customize.

Great tips on filtering the results. It can make a huge difference on the entire user experience.

Jai, at this time, we serve markets in the US, UK, Germany and France. We have not expanded into India at this point.



do u have any price comparison solutions for Indian eCommerce sites..?

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