Announcing the Beso Affiliate Program!

Ready to monetize your blog?!

Managed by the Shopzilla Publisher Program, the Beso Affiliate Program allows you to earn money per click when you refer visitors to your favorite stores.

Beso Affiliate ProgramThe Beso Affiliate Program helps you easily build all sorts of content to help you monetize your blog:

  • Link to Any Page
    Link to any page on Beso and get paid when your readers move on to shop on a retailer's website!

  • Individual Product
    Want to feature an individual product? Search for the right one, then create a banner or text link.

  • Multiple Products
    Help your readers shop a set of products: search for the right set, then create a banner.

  • Search Box
    Add Beso's search box to your website to let your readers search Beso directly from your site.
  • So, just as Beso let's you shop all your favorite stores and brands, all in one place, the Beso Affiliate Program allows you to build all your monetized shopping content, all in one place!

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    i hope i cant get US 10.000 for Shopzilla affiliate :D

    The Beso program looks like a winner! I hope it does well.

    Are you planning to have different size banners for Beso. I could sure use 120x600 or 160x600 size banners for my website.

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