Publisher Portal Facelift?

Is that a new logo?  Wasn't the Publisher Portal green?!

Wondering whether we dropped the green in favor of showing support for the NY Mets, in the hopes of turning their bad luck? Perhaps someone on the Shopzilla Publisher Team can't get over the fact that they've been unable to replace their favorite blue & orange Saucony Jazz for at least a decade.  Or, maybe your guess is that a certain fan within our engineering team took it upon themselves to represent Syracuse Orange via the Publisher Portal...

Those would all be logical assumptions, but we're actually proud to announce that we've updated our logo and color palette in line with the recent Shopzilla, Inc. redesign. As many of you know, Shopzilla, Inc. manages a growing family of properties including Shopzilla, Bizrate, Beso and the Shopzilla Publisher Program. We recently updated our familiar Shopzilla, Inc. flaming cart logo, giving it a slightly more modern feel. Marking the Shopzilla Publisher Program's official move from beta, we are in the process of also updating our Publisher Portal branding.

One last hurrah:


Want to learn more about Shopzilla, Inc.? Be sure to check out our freshly updated About Us page! 


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Very flashy outlook. I liked it. Thanks for sharing.

I liked the old color scheme better :(. The new shopzilla font looks better though

I like the old logo, but I think this one is better. Good job!

I like the new look. Very eye catching. Good move once again guys !

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