New Categories in Babies & Kids and Home & Garden

Hey Publishers!

We just released new categories within 'Babies & Kids' and 'Home & Garden' available for use for our Publisher Data Feed and Catalog API users. 

Release Date: May 13, 2010 (Bizrate)

Download Pub_newcats_5.13.10

XML Feed: There will be new category files representing each new atomID. There will be fewer offers in related category files as offers are recategorized into the newly created categories.

XML API & Dynamic Content Assets: If you are making dynamic calls within either ‘Babies & Kids’ or ‘Home & Garden’, and not specifying a keyword, you may want to consider tuning your specified category to continue displaying your desired results.


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I'm a little confused about the status of the ftp feed. I read on the blog that many categories are being replaced. I see that the old kids' categories got marked as obsolete, but I don't see any sign of most of the new categories - for example there is no file for the new category 100001757 , Baby and Kids' Pants. It would be called publisher_feed_100001757.xml.gz, but it's not there..

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