New Atoms in Men's and Women's Clothing

Attention FTP Feed Users!  We have released new atoms in Men's and Women's Clothing! 

New Atoms:

100001147  Men's Casual Pants   
100001157  Men's
Casual Shirts    
100001146  Men's
Dress Pants
100001158  Men's
Dress Shirts
100001161  Men's
Polo Shirt
100001172  Men's
Sportcoats & Blazers
100001173  Men's
100001178  Women's
100001166  Women's
100001148  Women's Cropped Pants
100001150  Women's
Flare Pants
100001149  Women's Leggings
100001152  Women's Skinny Pants
100001179  Women's Suits
100001167  Women's Sweater Vests
100001165  Women's Sweaters
100001169  Women's Tank Tops & Camisoles
100001151  Women's Wide-Leg Pants

XML Feed:
There will be new category files representing each new atomID.  There will be fewer offers in related category files as offers are recategorized into the newly created categories.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our new categories!


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Thanks for reminding us the new atoms in Men's and Women's Clothing. i will check this out. keep posting!


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