New Categories in Women's Jeans

Hey Publishers! 

We have released new categories and atoms in Women's Jeans! 

New Category IDs:
100000945  Women's Cropped Jeans
100000943  Women's Flare Jeans
100000944  Women's Wide-Leg Jeans

New Atoms:
100000940  Women's Cropped Jeans
100000938  Women's Flare Jeans
100000939  Women's Wide-Leg Jeans

XML Feed:
There will be new category files representing each new atomID.  There will be fewer offers in related category files as offers are recategorized into the newly created categories.

XML API & Dynamic Content Assets (excluding product pods): If you are making dynamic calls within 'Women's Jeans’, and not specifying a keyword, you may want to consider tuning your specified category to continue displaying your desired results.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our new categories!


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