What makes a good Shopzilla Publisher Program candidate?

We are fortunate to receive hundreds of new applications each day from many types of websites looking to use the Shopzilla US Publisher Program. Each applicant is individually reviewed by the Shopzilla Publisher Team to ensure that there is an appropriate fit between the applicant and the Shopzilla US Publisher Program. Our primary goal is to enable website content publishers to generate the highest monetization and advertising yields through our program, while ensuring that the traffic directed to Shopzilla, Inc.'s merchant advertisers is well-qualified. To that, we only accept publishers whose website has original content and can be complemented by shopping-related advertisements.

We have put together the below list to explain some of the general criteria that we look for in applicants, and that you should take into consideration when applying for the Shopzilla US Publisher Program:

1) Your site must have a qualified and pre-existing US user base for participation in our Shopzilla US Publisher Program.

In order to use the program in the most efficient way, you must have a base of visitors to your page that are interested in what you have on your page! The reason we place an emphasis on a US user base is because the Shopzilla US Publisher Program serves US merchants and many of these do not ship internationally. It would not be fair for our merchants to have to pay for this type of traffic. Targeting international visitors only decreases your traffic quality.

If your website caters to the UK user base, we invite you to join our Shopzilla UK Publisher Program.  To register, please visit our Shopzilla UK Publisher Program Portal.

We have also recently introduced the Shopzilla Publisher Program to Germany & France for those of you with a German or French user base.

2) Your site must have original content and be relevant to the Shopzilla US Publisher Program.

We no longer accept websites using the WP Robot plugin. We encourage our Publishers to have original content on their sites. To ensure your site will be relevant to the Publisher Program, go to www.shopzilla.com and try to find products that relate to the content on your site. If you can not find anything, then our program is probably not right for you.  Using Shopzilla links that target your visiting audience is how to succeed with our program.

3) Your site should have a good Google page rank or Alexa trend/rank.

This is something we focus on when determining whether or not a website suits our program. Both these numbers tell us about your website, how it is performing and what your traffic numbers are like.  It is not a strict requirement and we have many publishers with low or no page rank, but it is something we consider when reviewing an application. 
Check your Google Page Rank
Check your Alexa Trend Score

4) Registration with an email address that corresponds with your domain name.

This allows us to verify that you actually own the website and have permission to look for acceptance into the Shopzilla US Publisher Program. If there is a valid reason that this can not be provided, let us know and we will take it into consideration.

Some website types that do not work for the Shopzilla US Publisher Program:

Ad Networks
Adult Content
Automotive Sales
Insurance, Credit, Finances
Online Gaming
Travel Services

Why do these types of websites not work?

Typically, these types of websites are not relevant to our program.  Shopzilla, Inc. does not advertise services, we compare prices for products. We can not help you offer insurance deals, health care or trips to Paris (unless you’re promoting iPods and laptop travel cases)!  A partnership between our companies would most likely not be fruitful if you fall under some of the above categories. Please take these into consideration when applying for our Shopzilla US Publisher Program.


If it sounds like you qualify for our Shopzilla US Publisher Program, register now!


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@BobHBob@HayleStorm Interactive

What kind of sites do you have? We'd be happy to take a look again.

@Website Development Company

Currently, we do not have a market available for India. But, you are correct - we do have feeds for US, UK, France, and Germany.

We are webdevelopment company and one client wants to target INDIA market, can you help us to know is Shopzilla product feeds provide feeds for India Market?

As per our understanding UK, USA, France, Germany this feed is available please correct us if we are wrong. Thanks.

I find it disturbing that your policy only allows well established sites to be a Shopzilla affiliate.

I have 4 PR4 sites, so typically my sites do well once established. I applied for a Shopzilla account for a new site I am setting up, and was turned down because I don't have a large, well established readership...YET, but based on my history, It will have that later...but I won't be adding Shopzilla.

If you don't want to deal with someone small, who benefits from having you on their site, I don't think I'll be adding you when my site grows and you are the one's benefiting.

Continued and i am sorry this is the correct email. This to me is what is missleading about affiliate links. The model IMO can only work for a very few. I would claim that some sites end up loosing visitors as affiliate links start to appear. Biggeer sites can get away (for some reason) with sending email reminders but a small site run by a single person is considered a spammer.

I have a claim. Offer me a small set of products from one or 2 areas that i have expertise in and as the one poster said build the content around those products. Good content , screen shoots and video using the product(s). Now you have a partnership.
Thanks and sorry for the long post.

How dare you reject the great fachimari, I challange ye all to a duel.
Hehe,just joking. I do appreciate the speedy response. This is not a criticism of your criteria. Furthermore i am not concerned with who has been selected and how they compare to me. I have no reason to suspect unfair play here. On my sites that have consistent U.S traffic there would be little reason for me to send them to you. ( Continued )

Most Affiliate Programs seem to forget that blogs and websites can change to suit affiliate programs. I will not write promotional material if I am not selling a product on my site. If I have something to sell I can integrate it into my content.

Hey best niches,

We do not have a strict set of Google or Alexa ranking requirements, instead, it helps us get a better global view of a potential publisher's website. Obviously, high ranks are amazing...but we take all factors into consideration. A rank of zero will not mean your application will be automatically declined. Even our page rank fluctuates!

Regarding the pagerank and alexa ranking, what will be the figures you will be looking at?

Hey xbox 360 console,

We pay our publishers a percentage of what we are able to bill merchants for the traffic generated by a given publisher's integrated Shopzilla content. Because we manage traffic quality very carefully, monetization for each publisher differs slightly.

We pay all publishers on a monthly basis, assuming they have accrued at least $50.00 in earnings. As an example, you will be paid for January traffic before the end of February if you have accrued $50.00 in earnings.

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