Publisher Holiday Rate Increase!

With the holidays just around the corner, we here at Shopzilla wanted to remind you of a rate increase to get in the spirit of giving. The increases by category are up to 25% and you should expect your blended increase to be about 22% (higher or lower depending upon your category mix). You should see a CPC increase in your earnings report starting Monday, November 7.

The increased minimums will be reflected in the data from the API or FTP feeds and will be implemented automatically for all merchants in our system and will continue through and including all day December 25th.



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Amazing...Shopzilla is the best! I Love it

Loving the increase Shopzilla, speical thanks and merry christmas !!

This is Awesome, Thanks!!

thanks shopzilla to encouraging me.......admin

Loving the increase! Thanks!

This is an awesome thing. Thanks Shopzilla

Awesome. Shopzilla is the best!

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