Use Placement IDs for better ad performance insight

Picture_8 The Shopzilla Publisher Program makes Placement IDs available for your use to help track the effectiveness of your chosen assets, or their placement on your website.  You can define and use unique Placement IDs on different sections of your website to track your earnings on a more granular level. 

For example, let's say you have a Shopzilla Publisher Program ad on the top of your homepage and one placed at the footer of your homepage.  You can define Placement ID 1 to identify the ad on the top, and Placement ID 2 for the ad in the footer.  The Shopzilla Publisher Portal Reporting will allow you to break down your earnings by Placement ID.  By using Placement IDs, you can fine tune and optimize ad placement to ensure that you are maximizing your website's earning potential.

A few important things that you need to remember about the use of Placement IDs:

1) A Placement ID must always be used.  If you do not use a Placement ID, your traffic will not be tracked properly and you will not be paid. 

2) The default Placement ID is 1.  You may leave your Placement ID as 1 for all of your assets if you do not wish to take advantage of Placement IDs.  Just remember Rule #1: A Placement ID must always be used!

3) Placement IDs must by a positive integer.  Zero, decimals, negative numbers, and non-numeric characters are not allowed.  Should you pass a Placement ID with a character that is not allowed, your Placement ID will convert to 'Placement ID 0', which means that your traffic will not be tracked properly and you will not be paid. 

4) Only Placement IDs 1-99 are broken out in the Shopzilla Publisher Portal Reporting.  If you use Placement IDs above 99, the traffic sent through those Placement IDs above 99 will be aggregated under 'Other' within your Shopzilla Publisher Portal Reporting.  Should you require broken out reporting for Placement IDs above 99, please contact the Shopzilla Publisher Team for a custom report.

5) Never use Placement IDs beyond 999999999.  Should you use a Placement ID above nine digits, your Placement ID will convert to 'Placement ID 0', which means that your traffic will not be tracked properly and you will not be paid. 

Start using Placement IDs today to get better insight into ad performance.  If you have any questions about using Placement IDs, please contact us.


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Superb guide. I sure will use it on my website

Banners work OK with IE8 but not at all on fire fox browser how do you make it work for all browser

I am Publisher Off Shopzilla and really get good results From
Shopzilla and Biz Rate

Thank You

Regina Mayo

good info... my sites running same topics on Black Friday.

Linda, when you are creating an asset you will be given the option to assign a placement ID to that asset. This will allow you to set different assets to different ID's. I would advise naming different placement ID's before you create asset.

Wingea, you can send us additional websites that you would like to place Shopzilla content on. This gives us the opportunity to review the new websites and add them to your account. Placement ID's are a great tool to use when you have multiple sites in use with our program as this will allow you to track each websites statistics.

May I add multi sites to my account?

I'm not clear on how to use a placement Id. Do I enter it into the HTML code that is placed on my web page?

Something is wrong with your links.

My ads for cameras are not showing the proper products.

Try Nikon D60, using a category of electronics. It shows the wrong ads. The same thing happens for other cameras, even when you try different spellings or categories.

However, if you leave the department "blank" or "open", the ads work properly. Please advise.


I think placement ids are a great new way to be part of the publishing account. Thanks for putting this together.


Jay Stevens

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